Domestic Labor Redefined

African American dressmaker working at production line in a factory.

The Gold Standard of Domestic Labor

We are not your typical labor contractor. We maintain a workforce of employed, available domestic workers (yes, you read that right)! We have workers available right now! In fact, that is what our clients love most about us: we’re able to fully staff customers’ needs across many industries with hundreds of workers in less than five days.

Tailored Domestic Labor

Our approach to service is unique – we tailor it to your individual needs. Whether you prefer a hands-on or hands-off approach, we’re here to help every step of the way. If you need assistance finding the right labor pool for your company’s profitability goals, we’re committed to ensuring you succeed. We’ll never try to take over your business – we believe in working together to achieve your goals.
Young Hispanic woman in coveralls and safety helmet looking at working plan

Above-Market Employment

Employees of Garza Labor are treated with the highest level of integrity. From day one, they are enrolled in our 401K program, paid above-market rates, and provided comprehensive health and other benefits. Employee retention is a top priority.

Relationship Focused

As a full-service labor contractor, Garza Labor is dedicated to developing long-term relationships with our clients and employees by recognizing their individual unique needs and then tailoring our services to meet those needs.

We are in the business of creating and maintaining strong relationships with our customers and employees. We strive to retain our trained employees that return to the same client partner’s job after job by providing unrivaled employment benefits.

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