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The Gold Standard of H-2A & H-2B Labor

As demand for labor in agriculture, packing houses, food processing, and manufacturing continues to rise, it is essential to utilize legal solutions to address workforce shortages. The H-2A and H-2B programs currently provide the only avenue for this. We recognize our responsibility to maintain the integrity of these industries by upholding legal measures while supporting the workforce needs of our clients.

H-2A and H-2B visa programs are a legal solution to fill the growing need for agricultural labor where there is a lack of available workers. Garza Labor is your partner in navigating the visa process to ensure a legal, documented workforce to meet your labor needs.


We handle the application process and ensure our workers have the correct documentation needed to perform labor in the U.S. under the government’s visa programs.

We take full responsibility for managing and submitting all necessary daily, weekly, and monthly reports to governmental agencies overseeing the H-2A and H-2B Guest Worker Program. All reporting is filed with meticulous attention to detail, maintaining compliance and adherence to regulations at all times.
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Labor Vetting

We take a hands-on approach to hiring, thoroughly vetting, and selecting only the most qualified guest workers to join our team in the U.S. Our rigorous process ensures that our workers possess the requisite experience and expertise to consistently produce superior work. All employees provided by Garza Labor are E-Verified.

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We are in the business of creating and maintaining strong relationships with our customers and employees. We strive to retain our trained employees that return to the same client partners year after year and maintain contact with them once the job is complete. They know they can contact us once they are ready to return.