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Unwavered Commitment to Transparency

At Garza Labor, we maintain a steadfast belief in fair pricing. Our rates reflect our unwavering commitment to transparency, as we share all costs upfront to ensure no unwelcome surprises.

Keeping You Profitable

Our pricing strategy is designed to keep your business profitable while also providing a fair wage to our hardworking employees. Rest assured that when you do business with Garza Labor, you can trust in our dedication to fair and equitable pricing.
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Accurate Time Keeping

We use a digital time-keeping system to track employees’ work hours. This system ensures that payroll runs from Sunday to Saturday and is accurately calculated and paid out on Fridays.

Detailed Invoicing

We understand that different industries require different levels of service. Our employees receive specialized training to meet your unique production needs. Go ahead and plan with confidence: we have the expertise to help your business thrive!
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Based on the Local Market


Based on the State AEWR (Adverse Effect Wage Rate)


Based on Local Prevailing Wage

Piece Rate

Based on Production goals

Garza Labor Workforce Rates

This fee is a fundamental component of our operations, allowing us to provide our employees with the essential services such as insurance coverage, management services, transportation, and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. By adhering to this fee structure, we are able to maintain a workforce of loyal and skilled employees.

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